I Have Time

One lie I often say is “I don’t have enough time”. It is not that I am willingly lying. I often feel that is true.

I have time in my hands. I need to sleep 8 hours per day and I can’t cut on that for many days straight. I spend about 7 hours in my internship. I am very fortunate. Adding those it sums up to 15 hours. Those are not the problem. The problem is what I do with the 9 hours I am left with.

There are always ways to reduce the amount of hours spent getting ready for work and cooking and eating. It helps finding which schedule works and sticking with it. There are all sorts of changes we can do in order to save time. The question is: why do we struggle so much?

Motivation is what is missing. I do not always feel motivated to change in order to save time for things I enjoy. I do not know why that is. Is it because I do not like those things that much or is it because I am generally lacking motivation? Am I simply lazy?

I have time. I am not managing it so well.