Moving to Ireland

I am a 22 year-old Portuguese girl currently working in three jobs while living with her parents in Portugal. Being a proud independent woman, this is not the situation I picture when I think about where in life I would like to be. The fact is that this is a temporary situation that goes on since about six months ago due to my need to earn money. The goal has been to move to Ireland since I took the road trip around Ireland.

I was supposed to move to Ireland in June 2018 but I can’t wait that long. Even though I like being close to my parents, I do not like to live with them since I seem to be unable to be independent here.

The initial planned date was June 2018 for a reason. The process for me to be recognized as a Physiotherapist in Ireland takes time and resources. Even assuming the answer is positive, it will not be finished until three or four months from now. Moving to Ireland in March 2018, I will not be able to work as a Physiotherapist right away. This little bump is the reason why I am currently trying to find an unrelated job to start earning money right since the moment I land in the beautiful island.

I will be living in Hector’s house, which will help me settling in. I still need to pack all my stuff and solve some unresolved issues here in Portugal. At least I already resigned from all my jobs. I do not feel I have too much to do before moving, which is why I feel happy as opposed to overwhelmed.

I fell in love with Ireland and I can’t wait to be there!