Two Weeks in Ireland

This is my third week living in Ireland. I moved here from Portugal in order to follow my dreams and be where I feel best. It has been everything I wished it to be.

My days here are mostly spent writing. I am currently working as a freelance writer and there is no doubt that this is a job I will not be leaving in the future. Even if I can't turn it into my full-time job (I hope I can), it is something that gives me joy.

Living with someone and caring for each other is a new experience for both of us. We are still figuring some details out. Alone time has not been so much of an issue as I thought it would be.

I am not going to lie to you and say that the whole experience has been perfect. It has not. There have been arguments that are in the process of being solved and I do not have enough work in order to cover my current expenses. It does not mean this move has not been everything I hoped it would be though.

I am glad I moved here. It is good to follow your guts. Even if I do go back to Portugal or move to another place, I created great memories here and I learned much more than I would have if I had stayed in the same old place.