Women with Shaved Hair

I have wanted to shave my hair for years but did not get around to do it until a few months ago. The reason behind the delay was other people's opinions. I do not find that a good enough reason to decide what to do with my hair.

Even if I were a boy, there were going to be people around me trying to stop me from shaving my hair. However, being a girl, people felt more entitled to do so. As I grew up, I did not meet one single woman who had shaved hair. The only woman I knew that rocked her shaved hair was Sinéad O'Connor. She was definitely a role model in this aspect. No one of my family and friends seemed to agree it was a look that could work for women as well as men.

Whenever I saw a woman with shaved hair on the street, someone would say she was probably sick. When you are a child and your parents and friends tell you something like that, you will believe them, even if it does not make much sense. When I first told a boyfriend I was going to shave my hair, his response was people were going to think I had cancer (do not worry. I am not dating him anymore).

As years went by, my desire of having shaved hair did not go away. As my confidence grew, my value became less susceptible of other people's opinions. That was how I managed to achieve the look I have wanted for the longest time. Confidence is the fuel that leads me to change my lifestyle in order to better fit my beliefs.