Eleanor & Park, by Rainbow Rowell, is a perfectly designed and written Young Adult novel that will remind its readers of their first love.


It tells the story of Eleanor and Park, two very different but similar teenagers who find themselves sitting side by side on the bus every day. They dislike each other from the beginning but, as time goes on and they get to know each other, a friendship and love grows between them.

Love is a universal theme. Pretty much everyone had a first love. The fact that Eleanor and Park's love story is so relatable will undoubtedly bring memories and nostalgia to the reader.

Besides accompanying them as they explore their first love, there are very important and serious themes approached in this book. The impact their friendship has in other areas of their lives is brilliantly explored.

To those who are looking for their purpose and their place in the world, specifically children and teenagers, this story shows it is possible, no matter how different the person is.

There are no complains to Rainbow Rowell's writing style. All characters are well developed and realistic. There are no holes in the plot and everything happens for a reason and is explained in time. It manages to be exciting but does not cross the line to be confusing.

Eleanor & Park is recommended for all readers. It restores hope!