It does not matter if you use a bullet journal, simply write everything down on random blank pages, or type it into your phone or computer. Every one of us will find our own way to organize our life. In my case, there are a few components to it. Today we will talk about one of them: the simple notebook.

After a few years attempting to use a bullet journal, I figured it was not for me. Even though it is a format I admire and recommend for most people, I could not keep up with it. Instead, I use the calendar, a kanban system and the simple notebook, which is partly inspired on the bullet journal.

Today let us discuss my simple notebook. We will start by discussing general information I find essential for anyone starting a bullet journal or a simple notebook like mine. We will then move on to the most important tips I have to share with you on how to choose what to include. To conclude, we will go through my current set up!


General Information

My current notebook is fairly small. It lasts about three months. I prefer it this way because I am still experimenting with it. That is a tip I have for everyone that is just starting bullet journaling. It is hard to commit to one template for a whole year when you do not know what works for you yet. Start with a smaller notebook.

I left its brown cover unwritten. This is a personal preference.It represents the versatility its pages contain. There are so many possibilities to what it will become!

On the title page I wrote my contact information. Do that. It would be awful for you to lose your precious notebook and not have any hope to get it back.

Do not worry about where you are going to put your notebook once you are finished. Even if you are evolving towards an intentional lifestyle, it is all about being intentional. Once you are ready to move to your next notebook you have several options to choose from when it comes to your previous one:

  1. Keep it.
  2. Scan it.
  3. Type it.


How to choose what to include

The best way to choose what to include in your notebook is to research what other people do. Start off with the original Bullet Journal and go from there. YouTube videos are an excellent resource for that. Keep a list of what you want to include from each video and you will end up with a list with which to start.

Change it as often as you need! Stop working on spreads that do not work for you and include others you did not think you would need when you started.

As you are ready to start a new notebook, take some time going through your previous one. Write down what you want more of and what you want less of. Take another look at other people's videos at this point. This was the process I went through before starting my current notebook.


My simple notebook

After the cover page, there are two pages of Index available. The Index section is a feature from the original Bullet Journal. It is perfect for people who want to have the freedom to create their notebook as they go instead of sticking with a strict monthly model throughout the year.


On the first page of my simple notebook there are two shopping lists: one for my household and one for me. As an intentional person, I only buy items that add value to my life. If an item is written on one of these shopping lists, I do not go out buy it right away. Only after I want or need the item for a while do I get to start looking for it. Buying secondhand and quality items is a priority as well. This means the process between writing down the item on the corresponding shopping list and actually bringing it home may take a few months or not happen at all.

I have several pages dedicated to Vegaway. There is a tracker that I am still not sure about. There are two blank pages for me to write down ideas, which I find essential for me. Each month also includes a Vegaway Monthly Plan for me to write down the schedule for the texts, videos, and photos I will be publishing.

Monthly goals are a must for me. It helps me get organized and motivated. I have ultimate life goals, yearly goals, monthly goals, and weekly goals.

Instead of the Future Log and Monthly Log, I use a calendar. However, I include a Week Plan which consists of three different categories of tasks. Every time I am lost, not knowing what to do next, I go back to this page.


Besides these, I will also use my simple notebook to journal and to write down notes on literature, personal development, and whatever else interests me.


As you read, your simple notebook does not have to be the same as other people's. That was not the initial point of the Bullet Journal. You should adapt your notebook to your lifestyle instead of changing your lifestyle to fit your notebook.